So, now that I’ve basically decided I’m an IB major, I find myself thinking more about how my American biases may affect my future.
And I become angrier at the way I view people of not my culture or race. That’s not to say I’m racist. Of course not. But everyone has prejudices and biases.
I think it’s just the stereotypes that I hate. That I will assume most people will have characteristics of their cultural stereotype. And I am sooo annoyed by this. I am so annoyed by my ignorance.
That will be another goal of mine this year. Stop thinking about stereotypes, and start looking at the person. This holds true for all races and stereotypes.

This week, I found myself screaming over “Asian” drivers. Being pissed off by two in one night. But there is nothing about being Asian that makes someone a bad driver. There are all types of bad drivers. And I needed to force myself into remembering it has nothing to do with them being Asian. They’re just really fucking bad drivers.

I’m asking more about people’s cultures. About what it’s like for certain holidays or other celebrations.
I’m going to stop calling people by colors or races. But maybe my humor might be too dark to not laugh at racist jokes. But really, I’m trying to avoid them.

Posted 1 year ago